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ADU Zoning in Hollywood

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit comes with a myriad of benefits. Having an Accessory Dwelling Unitor Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit will give you flexible space for your visitors. It can help you to pay your pending Mortgage quickly. It can also serve as your retirement investment in the city of Hollywood. You will get instant home value appreciation, especially when you have a swelling family.

With all these benefits, you cannot afford avoid constructing such property in your home. The cost of operation and bills will not multiply as you may think. Delve in to understand ADU Zoning in Hollywood.

The Numbers Allowed

Since the state laws and regulations govern the building, you should be keen to follow the rules to avoid finding yourself on the wrong side of the law. According to Hollywood ADU zoning laws, you should build one Accessory Dwelling Unit.

You can add on a Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit for single-family properties. For multi-family properties, you may add one more ADU for every four existing residential units though they should be established under the Hollywood ADU zoning laws.

Types of Accessory Dwelling Units Allowed

When living in the city of Hollywood, you are allowed to Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit, attached unit, and Detached ones. These can be new constructions, garage conversions, or any existing space. However, it is a must to convert your JADU from the existing space.

Required Lot Size

The law does not restrict single-family and multi-family residential on the minimal size of your construction according to the local ADU zoning codes.

Accessory Dwelling Unit Size

Based on the local zoning codes, both single and multi-family can add up to 850 square feet for a single bedroom and 1,000 square feet for a two-bedroom. JADUs can go for up to 500 square feet despite the underlying zoning standards of the property.

Construction Setbacks

In Hollywood city, detached new constructions for your units' setback should not exceed 4 feet from both the side lot lines and the rear sides. You cannot make setbacks for your accessory units converted from existing space established under the law through any attached new construction chambers, and garage conversions or from existing space must adhere to the setbacks of the local zoning codes.

Required Parking

Don't worry about your parking with regards to your accessory units. The law does not have parking restrictions, especially when converting an existing garage to Junior Accessory Units and Accessory Dwelling Units.

Fire Safety

State requirements do not restrict your Accessory units to have fire sprinklers. However, when they serve as a primary dwelling, you should invest in fire sprinklers.

Shape, Materials and Style Restrictions

Though the regulations do not restrict you from the specific design and styles, you cannot construct passageway in conjunction with the construction of an accessory dwelling unit.

Maximum Height

The maximum height is not stipulated in the state laws. However, each zone is free to dictate the maximum height your accessory dwelling unit can go. Familiarize yourself with the zoning laws to avoid breaching the local laws. You can also seek advice from N.E.O ADUs' professionals.

The Design Review

For design review, keep updated with the ruling from the municipality. However, the chamber's design can vary from local zone to another depending on other factors like the shape of your existing space or the garage you intend to convert into the accessory dwelling unit. Available capital and your preference will also factor into the type of accessory house should be designed.

Maximum Number of Bedrooms

The law does not stipulate the maximum number of bedrooms you should have. However, based on the maximum size of your accessory living Units, you will have a limited number of bedrooms. It is unreasonable to have so many tiny bedrooms in your unit, especially when you want to rent them out.


Want to let out your accessory units? Then you are free as the law doesn't restrict its occupancy. You can give it to tenants or relatives in exchange for cash. The only restriction is that the primary owner will be responsible for paying all the house bills like electricity and water.

Utility Connections

The Hollywood zoning laws do not allow utility providers to make the connection of utilities to the accessory living units very expensive. The connection fees shall be affordable for other people find it easy to invest in these units. However, all the connections happen under the set laws and regulations.

Allowed Zones

State laws have made it free for all both single and multi-family properties to build ADUs. The other rules still stand. Therefore, despite being free to build your units, go through the state rules regarding the building of Accessory units and the Hollywood ADU zoning.

Residential Building Code

The California Building Code of 2019 is still in play. All the constructions should refer to this residential building code.

Bottom line

If you have reached this point, then you are determined to build Accessory Dwelling Units or Junior Dwelling Units for your family or as an investment to help you pay the outstanding Mortgage. It is essential to read through the Hollywood ADU zoning laws before delving into the construction Accessory units.

You can also reach out to professionals from N.E.O ADUs for advice. In case you need experts to build the units, don't hesitate to call the company or visit the website for a quotation. Have the units on your compound, and you won't regret as their benefits are worth delving in.

Local Neighborhoods for ADUs and Garage Conversions



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