Joseph Peretz - Founder Of Neo ADU Builders


Joseph Peretz was born and raised in sunny Los Angeles. From a young age, he noticed that his family was full of contractors, and he wanted to stand out. Joseph took an interest in architecture, and that was his dream. Joseph pursued this dream by studying at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark after college as part of an exchange program. It was here where he fell in love with tiny homes. While there, he lived in a tiny home that was only 100 square feet. From this an idea was born - sustainable communal living. 


After he graduated from university, Joseph moved back across the world to Los Angeles and moved back in with his parents. He could not afford his own apartment. Once again, the idea for sustainable communal living made sense. The idea for NEO ADU Builders was born in 2017. He took the plunge and began the company with his brother, a licensed general contractor. Joseph designed and built his first ADU from start to finish and lived there. Once NEO ADU Builders took off, Joseph became a homeowner. He designed and built another ADU, again for himself. 


Currently, Joseph lives in an ADU and rents out the main property. This enables him to live rent free. Joseph’s mission is to educate homeowners on how to become investors by building their own ADUs. His goal is to have as many homeowners as possible become investors. His hobbies include snowboarding in the winter as well as surfing during the summer. Some weeknights, you can find Joseph at the LA Laker games with friends or family