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How to get your ADU plans approved?

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

ADUs or granny flats are obviously part of the solution to the dire housing crisis in Los Angeles and many other cities in the US. Unfortunately, for many years, the state of California enforced severe restrictions on the construction of ADUs. Recently, the authorities recognized that ADUs could mitigate the housing crisis so a lot of these restrictions have been eased.

Nonetheless, homeowners have to obtain approval for their ADUs, and consequently, the ADUs have to meet certain standards in terms of size including the surface area as well as height, window space, utilities and various other aspects. ADUs that stratify all these requirements will eventually obtain approval, but the process can be painfully long. Luckily, there are companies like NEO Builders that will take care of the entire process very efficiently.

Because newly constructed ADUs must meet a wide array of standards, approvals are issued on the basis of an elaborate plan. Therefore, if you decide to convert your garage into living space or build an ADU in your backyard, you have to hire an architect, who will design in for you and make sure that the plan meets all the standards. Once this is done, the plan has to be submitted to the city for review. The approval is finally issued when the LADBS make sure that the ADU will not violate any rules and regulations.

The process is quite slow, and it can take up to six months. Which means that even after fully deciding to build an ADU you can wait up to six months before starting demolition and until you are finally allowed to start building it. You should remember that all this extra time you spend waiting actually translates into lost money that you could have earned by renting the ADU.

One way to avoid wasting your precious time, money and nerves on this complicated process is by hiring a contractor who will do it for you. NEO Builders offers are unique kind of service in that it covers the entire process of garage conversion from the planning stage to completion. What is more, it can also handle short-term rentals and maintenance for you.

NEO Builders’ services start with design where a talented and experienced architect works out the best conceptual solution for ADU given the characteristics of your garage space. Next, the company has handled numerous approvals and they are familiar with the nitty-gritty of the entire process.

They have a long track record with the city authorities and have maintained an excellent professional relationship with them, which is, of course, helpful when it comes to making the entire process as expedient as possible. Once all the plans are stamped and ready to issue, NEO Builders will carry out all the construction work for your, and you will have your ADU completed and ready for renting in a three months.

On top of all of this, if you are not prepared to deal with short term rentals using services such as Airbnb, NEO Builders will step in and handle that part for you. In the end, NEO Builders is your bridge from an empty garage to steady passive income.



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