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Pico-Union HPOZ - Where Homeowners' ADU Dreams Come True

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Pico-Union HPOZ is located in central Los Angeles. Prior to the turn of the century, single-family residences in the area featured a broad range of architectural styles including late 19th century Victorian-era cottages, early 20th century Craftsman and Mission Revival bungalows and larger homes in Period Revival or Classical styles. Today, Pico-Union is a neighborhood of great ethnic diversity with a mixture of single-family and multi-family housing. Alvarado Terrace Historic District and Bonnie Brae Historic District, both listed in the National Register of Historic Places, are located within the HPOZ. The Pico-Union HPOZ was adopted by the City Council in 2004. The zip code for this area is 90006.

The market for ADUs is trending in Pico-Union because this historic neighborhood west of Downtown has plenty of local businesses to frequent along Pico Boulevard—not to mention some great examples of early 20th century residential architecture. No trains pass through the area, but it’s an easy place to get around by bus. The neighborhood’s recent history has been shaped by the arrival in the late 1970s and 1980s of Central Americans, and the bakeries and restaurants that line the main thoroughfares today reflect their established presence.

Pico Union Demographics

  • Median Income - $26,000

  • Population 43,000

  • Median Age - 27 years old

  • Average Home Price - $550,000

How Much Can I Rent An ADU In Pico-Union For In Today’s Market?

The average ADU in Pico-Union rents for about:

Studio ADU- $1400/m

1 Bed 1 Bath ADU- $1700/m

2 bed 2 bath ADU- $2100/m

3 bed 3 bath ADU- $2500/m

Walkability Score For Pico Union

The ADU walkability score is measured by walking distance from your new ADU to these attractions, the closer you are to these locations the more your future tenant will pay for rent

Increase The Value Of Your Home With An ADU Permit

If you believe your home has ADU potential, you should look into applying for architectural permits. Homeowners and agents are actively looking for homes with ADU potential. Realtors also have had multiple homes sold for over asking recently. Talk to your realtor about reaching out for approved city permits for an ADU.

How Much Do Permits Cost?

The process should be between $5,000-10,000 plus any specific city fees.

How Long Do ADU City Permits Take To Get Approved in an HPOZ?

Since HPOZ have numerous design laws, getting approved plans takes about 6 months.

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If you are planning on building an ADU in this neighborhood and have any questions you can reach the city council staff contact at:

Staff Contact:

Max Loder

(213) 847-3645



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