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ADU Zoning in Rosemead

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

What You Need To Know When Adding an ADU in Rosewood

Every municipality has rules and stipulations for building. You probably know they can be a bite in your hind quarters. Get one detail wrong and it's time to start the whole process over. The city of Rosemead is no exception. The Rosemead ADU zoning requirements are in place for a good reason. Accessory Dwelling Units must be in line with aesthetic character of the municipality. NEO Builders is an ADU and JADU expert and can assure a quality freestanding building to specifically meet any and all local zoning codes, state law requirements in conjunction to Rosemead. They can also complete garage conversions to meet your specific design while complying with all local zoning codes set forth by the city of Rosemead. This article will try to take you through the Rosemead ADU zoning requirements so you can make an educated decision about the design of your future ADU. D​EFINITION OF ACCESSORY DWELLING UNITS Accessory Dwelling Units as defined by the city of Rosemead AD zoning is as follows. An attached or detached structure used to provide independent living facilities for one or more persons and includes permanent provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation on the same parcel as a single-family unit. They can have a separate mailing address and be rented to a third party or occupied by a property owner. The legal property owner must occupy on a full-time basis, either the primary or accessory as permanent residency. This covenant must be submitted before any building let will be granted and stay in perpetuity and will not be released, meaning the owner has to permanently live on the property. An administrative site plan and design review must be submitted for review to the Planning Division before submitting for a building let to make sure compliance with zoning regulations is achieved. THE DETAILS OF ADU ZONING As of January 1st according to California State Law anyone who owns a home is permitted to build one. You can now build a JADU or Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit if you live on the property. A JADU must be constructed from an existing structure and can be no less than 150 square feet. Multifamily units may have an ADU for every four family unit so long as those units were made using due process of original codes. There is no lot size restriction. It seems they have lightened up the restrictions in an attempt to quell the rising affordable housing shortage. The limitation on the size of a building is 850 feet for a one bedroom and 1,000 sq ft for a two bedroom. P​ARKING, HEIGHT, UTILITIES, AND NUMBER OF BEDROOMS Lots that convert a garage do not need replacement parking and is not specified otherwise for the addition of any other dwelling. No height restrictions defined. No restrictions were created with regard to the number of bedrooms allowed even in garage conversions. The let fees are subject to change but can be located on any particular town's website. Utility connections are subject to a local health inspector when the owner has their own septic system in use and not publicly supplied. State standards no longer need any added design review. Fire sprinklers are not required unless they were before required in the first residential building and may use any alternative methods such as smoke detectors or other fire protection now in existence. S​ETBACKS WITH ADU ZONING When building an independent construction the setback cannot be more than four feet from either rear or side property lines. Setbacks are not needed for a Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit when the construction was done by going through the legal process initially. Expansions must follow the setbacks of the underlying zone. WHO ARE YOU GOING TO CALL? I​f Your reply is Ghost Busters then the whole purpose of this article is wasted. If you thought NEO Builders, then you are an educated, and informed consumer. If you didn't think of NEO Builders, what is wrong with you? Some important facts about them you need to be aware of are they have been specializing in this construction for years. They are ranked in the top 2% of all construction companies with a proven track record of success. They have experienced architects who can walk you through the entire process with your interests in mind. The zoning restrictions have never been more encouraging than they are presently. In a world constantly changing there may never be a better time to take advantage of a situation than now. You can add value to your real estate. You can become more financially independent with the extra income you can earn on your own existing property. When opportunity calls, you have to answer that call. The market has never been better than now. Interest rates are low. Give NEO a call today and make this economy work for you!

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