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ADU Zoning in Simi Valley

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Accessory Dwelling Units together with Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit are increasingly important to families because the C0VID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that nursing homes are simply not safe for the majority of the elderly.

In addition, many families are returning to the age-old practice of caring for their families like European families do, but with a twist. They not only feel and obligation to take care of their elderly parents, and often enjoying doing so but at the same time they are not prepared to give up the independence of their own household.

Hence the modern development of Accessory Dwelling Units and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units also known as an in-law, mother-in-law unit, or granny flat are quite common.

However, just because you are willing to build an ADU or JADU doesn't mean you are allowed to. There are ADU zoning laws to deal with in practically every location in California.

Within the last year, State Law in California has been significantly streamlined in California, in which many communities used ADU zoning to discourage or eliminate spare housing units on personal property.

State Law in California stepped in and overrode local zoning codes in their ability to restrict senior dwelling places through local zoning codes.

The City of Simi Valley was thus forced to change their Simi Valley zoning codes to comply with the new state laws which took into effect in February of this year.

Here are the updated Simi Valley zoning codes which were revised for Simi Valley this year.

ADU zoning in Simi Valley

The number of Accessory Units allowed -- the Maximum number of units allowed is one.

Types of Accessory Units allowed -- An accessory unit detached or detached, a junior accessory unit incorporated into the home, or a guest house. Garage conversions are allowed.

Required Lot size -- none. The units are restricted according to living space, not lot size. However, there must be sufficient room for front, rear and side setbacks. The unit must not cover more than 40 percent of the lot.

Accessory Dwelling Size -- A minimum of 220 Square Feet and a Maximum of 30 percent of the single-family housing space, capped at 1200 feet maximum. JADU's can be between 220 to 500 square feet.

Construction Setbacks -- at least half of the rear area, must be uncovered. At least 10 feet minimum is required on the rear, 5 feet on the side and 6 feet from the main house.

Required ADU Parking - off-street parking is required for an Accessory Dwelling Unit but not a Junior Accessory Dwelling. Garage conversions also require parking although it may be uncovered.

Fire Safety--ADU/JADU shall conform to Building Code and Fire Regulations. Accessory dw units shall not be required to provide fire sprinklers unless they are also required for the primary dwelling.

Shape, materials and style Restrictions -- Accessory dwellings must be compatible with the existing house's design’s colors and materials.

Maximum ADU Height

Design review -- A dimension Site Plan showing the location, size, and floor plans must be submitted. As well as proof deed restrictions are recorded.

Number of Bedrooms Allowed -- There is no restriction on the number of bedrooms, however, since the overall amount of space is limited to 1200 or less, and both accessory and junior accessory dwelling require a kitchen, one bedroom is with rare exception the norm.

Ownership-- The owner must live in either the accessory unit or the main house. The accessory units cannot be sold separately from the main house.

Utility connections -- They are served exclusively via connections to the main house,

Allowed Zones -- California law does not allow ADU zoning in Simi Valley to restrict or create allowable and not allowable zones for having an accessory development. However, all other requirements must be met. Current 2020 California law allows accessory dwellings in all residential zoning districts, including single-family and multi-family, are allowed to build Accessory Dwelling Units.

Residential Building Code -- All municipalities in California adopt the state building codes.

Creatin a safe environment for your elderly relatives makes sense in all kinds of ways. They are safe and away from dangerous nursing homes. Your kids get to enjoy the benefits of being with grandma or grandpa. and both you and your relative can still retain a significant measure of your privacy.

Just be careful that you consult an expert contractor on creating all of the plans and following all the steps required to get your accessory building permit approved.

Local Neighborhoods for ADUs and Garage Conversions



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