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Homeowner Guide to How to Build an ADU

Want to convert your garage into an ADU as a homeowner builder? Or maybe you just want learn about the construction steps.

In our master Class "How to Convert a Garage into an ADU in 6 Steps"  Joseph Peretz teaches you everything you need to know about converting your garage into an ADU. Our course aims to educate homeowners on the process and logistics required to build an ADU.  

 Demo | Grading | Foundation 

Joseph Peretz explains demolition, grading, and foundation. Before demo you must examine what part of the structure needs to remain and what we need to demolish. Also, the course discloses the cost, services and scheduling. Learn about the materials, supplies and man power needed to complete this phase of the project. 

Plumbing | Electrical | HVAC | Inspection

The challenge of building an ADU are the logistical problems that arise when working with multiple trades. Remember, you will be subbing your work to (C) Speciality Contractors; plumbing, electrical, drywall, roofing, etc. 

You will also have to pass City inspections. Failing inspection will cost you time, money and resources. Learn from our mistakes and avoid failing an inspection. 

In this course Joseph demonstrates the planning need to accomplish this section of the project. 

Project Name

Insulation | Drywall | Stucco

Joseph teaches you the different types of insulation and where to install. When working with drywall it is critical your follow city ordinances and install the shear-walls in the correct location. 

Depending on how much Stucco you demolished, determines how much stucco you need to install. Remember that this part of the project should be planned durning the initial pre-inspection phase. 

Sit down with Joseph and learn the tip and trick in saving money at this phase of the proeject.

Painting | Flooring 

Kitchen | Bathroom | Countertops

Final Touches

The little details can be the difference between a low rentable ADU to a high profitable ADU.

Get Joseph's advice on what type of appliances to add based on the recommended sizing initially done during the planning stage.

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